In Equality

I read an interesting post by Sadhguru today. It derived that a man and woman cannot be the same, however equal they are claimed to be. This is because our society is masculine. To ask a woman to play by the same rules as a man, in a “man’s world”, is unfair.

Why is it a Man’s World?  Why are women’s wages a fraction of men’s wages? Why are crimes against women so prevalent? Why are they more so in developing, poorer countries?

It is like asking why is the human form, the way it is. Why are we homo-ERECTUS? Why do we have opposable thumbs? It is evolution.

Society is the way it is, because it was always going to be. The same can be said of religion, government, money, art, literature, film.. sex!

I saw a video on YouTube, a discussion between Sam Harris and Bill Maher – both of whom claimed that Islam as a religion is “the mother-load of bad ideas”. That “most muslims” are extremists, who have barbaric beliefs and are in general anti-liberty and anti-variance. A counter-view claimed that Christianity is guilty of much barbarism and similarly regressive ideologies. More counter points about how this is not a religious divide, but a cultural one. Or a National one.

Religion was always going to evolve into this monster. I heard Jon Stewart once say, “Religion has given much hope, in a world torn apart by religion”.

So, it is. These monsters of our creation or the creation of the “creator”. Whatever it may be, we are here now.

I don’t think it is a Man’s world. It is one world, our world. We must learn to share it. Men, women, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Black, White. What good is it painting a picture of gloom and speaking always of protecting us against them?

But we have with us a power, that is as Almighty as any scripture may have described (wink wink).


To believe in compassion, empathy and patience.

We have the choice. To be hateful, or loving. To be kind, or rude. To be present, or gone. It does not take courage, when you think about it. No, it does not take courage, to fight that compulsive urge. Which threatens you, which endangers your comforts.

It only takes presence.

If we allow ourselves a second of contemplation, a few moments before we act in anger or fear – we shall see that there is a benevolent force watching above us all. And that there is no need for fear, ever. It is not god, it is the fundamentals of creation itself. It is the absolute vastness of it. And the absolute pointlessness. And there lies its beauty.

We should be marveling at this miracle, rather than fighting over scraps and who got more of what and all that shit.

Enjoy it. It will be over before you know it, and who knows if they’ll ever let you back again.


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