Lie Kingly

Those who would be conquerors, were always brash and always strong,

They were lightning bolts of personality – you knew they would own the room, before long.

But all the kings and queens who ruled, fell to pride in the end,

Because when the kingdom feared the beast, they forgot their leader was once their friend.

Everytime someone says “Believe me” or “Have faith” – it is clear that such a person lacks either integrity or the instruments to properly convey his/her ideas. This is why the scientific approach is more nutritious and sustainable, due to its robustness and repeatability.

We all make mistakes, and more often than not we believe things that either resonate with some pre-existing bias or give us a sense of confidence/purpose/Good vibes.

None of this makes anything true or real. So then to backtrack from that should only take character and accountability. Not senseless stubbornness that will only cause more harm.

What I’m trying to say is – believe, be free, but be strong enough to admit that you’re wrong. Be present to face the consequences of that, and on the other side is peace.


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