Old Man

When I take a moment to think about what’s happening in my life, I am in awe of all the blessings, and in shame of my misgivings,

The girl who thinks of me when she wakes up half way around the world, and the woman who loves me dearly day and night; The man who spent his life to save mine, and the strangers who spent their time with me,

I take a moment to think about my life, and the body and mind I’ve got, a gut I’m not too proud of, some strength I’ve built in time, a few thoughts I’ve had that made me proud, and words I wish I hadn’t said,

Kindness, fear, anger, gentleness, all the emotions I’ve had so far, and how many more times I’ll feel them again, it seems like a drug you want over and over, and boredom is a side effect,

Sometimes I think of the this life I’ve got, its the only one I’ve got after all, and while it’s wonderful and unbearable at times, I wish I’d known more, and less, and had the magic to pierce the wall.


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