Little Angels and Cavemen

“And when the demons who’d lived in dark alleys,
Came out to see the light,
It was blinding and it was burning,
They knew now to stay inside.”

A lie he told to save a life,
A myth that shielded innocence,
There were many a greater good,
For which heroes were woven from wreckages,

Oh dear master, called the crowd,
Show us your magic, show us your power,
For we have forgotten our neighbors, and our values,
All our love and friendship has soured,

So he unleashed his wickedness,
An evil disguised as wisdom,
The first to fall were the teachers,
Whose reason and knowledge was poison,

It turned the people into demons,
It turned them on each other,
They killed each other for Grace,
On grounds of language and color,

What good were the lies in the end.. it killed us all.. it robbed us all..
The brilliance was existence.. we could’ve been, but now we fall


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