dont hate me too soon, for I am spread across the sky, I am behind the moon looking, my darkness is incidental, dont judge me for my mistakes, for I am yet to bare skin, I am few and far between, my sun is setting, There are many of them, who let me become, Dont […]


Is there something you would like to say ? Is it ok if I sit here? I lost my way on the way to market, I’m hungry, and I think you are too. I live by the river, so we have food, If only you can help me get there, We could both have our […]

Being Evil

Your hijab offends me, your bikini offends me, your joke offends me, your hair offends me, Your name offends me, your thoughts offend me, Your culture, your Jesus, your Allah offends me, But I don’t know you, you seem alright, You seem like a good man, but your clan offends me, Who cares man? Stop […]

Multiple Personality

I want every waking moment, To be fighting for a cause, I want those who I call friends, Beside me, behind me, I don’t want a fancy dinner, I don’t want your taunts to hurt, I don’t want to hear negativity, I just want to be involved, I don’t want to be remembered, I don’t […]


Like a hamster on a wheel, Spin and spin, for the promise of cheese, You lean against the glass, And wonder what’s amiss, You see the hand, But not the cage.


If it wasn’t for hate, I would have never known shelter, I would’ve called it shade and resented the sun, If it wasn’t for mercy, I would’ve never known dreams, I would’ve called them foolish and let them float away, If it wasn’t for desire, I would’ve never known greed, I would’ve called it entitlement […]


This life, alive in color, The evenings, drowned in laughter, The mornings, in driven spirit, The search is the meaning, My dear friend, look no further, You are here, Amongst brilliance and beauty, What is this bond, That makes us high and low, A human to human, speaking in magic tongues, Like a flame, as […]