“Panic” Breathe breathe, A shake a shiver, Fear is a friend, In death delivered, End is an ask, To accept in the mind, Finished is the work, Blind believer; Breathe breathe, You follow I lead, The piper is played, For the music is greed, Lost is the thought, Too great an ask, Panic is heart, […]


How good is his touch, Does it feel the need, To wrap you in stories and legends of love. How good is his heart, Does beat outside him, When you walk thru the door, Gliding footsteps and all, How good is his ego, Does it fall before you, Does it make him bleed, To see […]


I wish I could say something, that would open up the ground and swallow us whole, I wish there were less things to worry about, there were more beautiful skies and green grass to see, I wish there was less pain, less in me and the world around us, I wish I knew a magic […]


Like a hamster on a wheel, Spin and spin, for the promise of cheese, You lean against the glass, And wonder what’s amiss, You see the hand, But not the cage.


What is honor? What is duty? When you crave the warmth of love, A home to feel safe in, You’re sick and I’m sick of you, What is devotion, what is religion, When your gods are all at war with each other, I shed tears for the ourĀ fate, Whose pain can be heard, And for […]

Comedy is like an idea.

And laughter is an evolutionary indicator of progress. The ability to crack a joke or laugh at one, is concurrently the ability to identify discontinuity. And having the linguistic ability to relay that information to a group of fellow humans (or even animalsĀ in some cases) is further indicative of advancement in intellect – both analytical […]